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Benefits of a Transaction Coordinator

1. Eliminate time-consuming work

With each transaction they complete, real estate brokers put in hundreds of hours of paperwork and administrative effort instead of engaging with others. However, if you have a TC, you can free up your time and concentrate on the more important details of the sale.

2. Focus on client satisfaction & business expansion

Important details and tasks may be overlooked in the middle of a sale with so many things to keep track of. However, having a TC by your side gives you someone to help you manage the process from contract signing to close. They'll help you in staying on schedule, complete tasks by the due date, and provide all necessary updates. Also, they will safeguard and preserve all sensitive data related to the sale.

3. Connection Point and Liaison between all parties

Making sure that all sides are on the same page is one of the most challenging aspects of finalizing a business. However, some lenders might be inattentive, the buyer might deliver important documents too slowly, etc. Your time will be wasted if you go after them on your own, and you risk missing deadlines. However, a TC keeps track of these issues and makes an effort to keep things moving. They understand how crucial it is to meet deadlines. In addition to the buyers and sellers, real estate transactions also involve third parties including the bank, title company, escrow agent, and others; it is vital to be able to interact with them effectively. With a TC, you have a single point of contact who can manage conversations with every party and provide updates to both parties of the contract.

4. Let City RemixHer help grow your business

Having a transaction coordinator has advantages that go far beyond just making a deal simpler and more efficient. By hiring me, you'll be able to manage your time and devote it more wisely to the crucial areas of your business. Additionally, I will allow you to develop freely. You can prospect for new clients and sign them to contracts instead of becoming bogged down by small but numerous activities. You can take care of your personal affairs and spend quality time with friends and family if you have more free time.

Ayana Gavin

City RemixHer

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